This verb is normally used only in the third person.

Susan and Roland are playing cowboys and Indians.

He promoted the idea of world government.

It'll only get better.


How fast is too fast?


Manavendra says hello.


Where did you put my suitcase?


If you heard her speaking English, you would never guess that she wasn't a native speaker.

It was great fun.

Would you please have a look at these papers?

Maybe we should wait until Nora gets here.

I thought you were planning to be here early.

Pandora treats everything like a joke.

I have no intention of going to your wedding.

Do your homework right now.

Rajarshi has made up his mind to quit working here.

But she had not expected to cross an ocean, enter a new and romantic-sounding country, and find herself in exactly the same position.

You have three chances to spare.


It is like a criminal to die by sentence of court, but like a general to die fighting with the enemy.

I have the sincerest conviction that this whole affair will end, sooner or later.

Did you think that was my idea?

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I'll be meeting Todd's parents tonight.

You can have mediocre results now, or outstanding results later.

I want them to be your friends.


Joseph hid the stolen ring in a sock.

When she was late, I felt like scolding her, but I held my tongue.

Mikael was the last to go home.

Let me get something straight.

Mott didn't like Jinchao at that time.

I have a feeling you'll be a very good lawyer.

Korolev eventually fell out of favor with the Stalin regime and was thrown in prison.

The Portuguese pronoun "eu" came from Latin "ego".

He had got nationwide fame.

Edward found Joseph a job in a supermarket.

I'm here to ask for your help.


Pray for her.

A single room with bath, please.

In springtime, the dawn. In summer, the night.

I hated to see Vilhelm leave.

You shouldn't have killed them.

What a fool I've been!

I do not know how to distinguish between our waking life and a dream. Are we not always living the life that we imagine we are?

To cite usage against rule, in a constructed language, is insane.

Just give it your best shot.

Phill wasn't used to failure.

We believe that children need both a father and a mother and that time will show how important it really is for them.

Sometimes Dennis is really crazy.

I'm not interested in doing that.


It didn't matter to me.

I had a really great time tonight.

He thinks that's normal.

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Didn't Stephen do that last year?

I didn't think Barbara would show up at Oscar's party.

I felt as if my face were on fire.

Reflect on what you have done.

We happened to ride the same train by chance.

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I get the picture now.

Let's take a look under the hood.

He is not honest at all.

Jitendra had no intention of giving Phillip any money.

I'm pleased of my doorman.

Hume isn't dealing with his father's death very well.

"Do you have a cigarette?" "No, I only smoke other people's."

Fletcher said he needed to split up with Kelly for a while, so he could sort himself out.

Kenton can't go on.

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Come sin with me.

I couldn't make out what he meant by 'megafeps'.

Which do you prefer, raisins, prunes or dates?


Siegurd kept eating.

We will contact you as soon as we know.

How hard they work!


Mine first boyfriend

You'll never want what they want.

We had to put off the game due to rain.


What made him change his mind?

Leila laughs at his own jokes.

The challah was so delicious that I just had to ask her for the recipe.

Is Miek going to do it or not?

When can we move?

Srinivas is in touch with his feelings.

George got drunk last night.

Get out of here now!

Moran said I should come home soon.

Sherman stayed here.

That's all I have to say to you.


I hope we're not making a huge mistake.

Debbie is slowing us down.

I'll always love you, no matter what happens.

The town is famous for its old castle.

Sri remains under house arrest.

As of yet there has been no empirical research done on this subject.

I can't call the cops on Kristin.

The gibbous moon appears to grow fatter each night until we see the full sunlit face of the Moon. We call this phase the full moon.

The fridge is empty.

I want to thank you for coming here today.

She made me cookies.

They've bet the farm on it.

Kim dressed up for the party.

I finally met him today.

Let the party begin!

Laura asked me to take over.

Almost everyone here can speak French.


People believe what they see.

What do you call this flower in English?

Mario splashed Shannon.

He put a crown on the king's head.

What time does the first game start?

They aren't just any 3-D glasses.

Jess always trusts people, even people he shouldn't.


Someone get me a tissue.

He's a Pisces.

I'll let you get back to work.

I study Esperanto.

The town gave birth to many men of note.

I need coloured pencils.

There are no clocks in my room.

I'll pay you for everything.

I'd never do that to her.


Why won't you tell us?

Harris hasn't seen Lorien in three years.

Kelly has to go to the bank.

She lied about her age.

It's really not that heavy.

Jack disappeared in 2003.

We're not open.


Jaime became pregnant at the age of 14.


Nowadays, however, calculators can be used freely in school examinations, and already in many schools the only sound to be heard during a math exam is the sound of children tapping on their calculators.


It is easy to fake email addresses so that an e-mail looks like it comes from someone else.

He was caught off guard when his wife announced they were going to have a baby.

It was hard for him to live on his small pension.


Are you sure you weren't followed?

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Debi seems optimistic.

Go and wake Eli up.

By this time next year, you will have visited almost all the famous places in Japan.

The boxer finally recovered consciousness, ten minutes after he had been knocked out.

I've got the wrong one here.


That troubles me least of all.


You were jealous, weren't you?

Thanks for all you've tried to do.

Paola and Omar ate at a three-hundred-year-old restaurant.

We were in the hallway of the second floor of the hospital.

I haven't solved the puzzle yet.

Do you feel hungry?

I've already considered that idea.

I don't know what's got into her.

They had no house to live in.

Karl will probably win the race.

Why did you tell them I'd left?

I'm old enough.

She had no choice but to accept her fate.

This is the rough draft of the peace treaty.

Look at those fish in the pond.


Mr. Johnson's workers are loyal to him.

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We had a bad day.

Hon jumped bail.

You won't believe what Brodie just said to me.


I've got a problem.

Tharen doesn't usually play backgammon.

What time do you watch the news?

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In 1994, there was a shortage of water and rice in Japan.


This bookstore stopped selling JUMP.

It won't be long before Floria comes back.

Immigration is restricted.

She's daring, that girl!

Winston spent all night at the bar.

He intends to devote his life to curing the sick in India.

I asked Roxana about that.


Fred will change his tune when he finds out what's in store for him.